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Elena's War Dance


5 year old Elena and her mother go 'on the run' escaping bombings, rape and shellfire during the invasion of Lithuania by Soviet armies in WW2. 

Caught between Soviet and German occupation they flee into forests and across borders to escape the certain death awaiting those affiliated to the line of the Russian Tsars.


Elena's War Dance © Jennifer Treur, Writer/ Producer/ Director - Documentary Length (57min 56sec)


Described by Film Reviewers as; 

'very beautiful visually with great music - editing, sound & lighting on point. Great technique!'

'Inspiring, creative and original, touching, brave and honest' Filmcon

'This inspiring documentary, directed by Jennifer Treur, presents Elena’s unbelievable story of survival and hope. Through archive footage, 3d animation, visual effects, music, live-action scenes, and Elena’s interview (now an 85-year-old woman), we enter the early life of Elena and her mother.' Festigious


Vegas Movie Awards - October Edition 2019 

Award of Prestige Winner, 'Best 1st Time Director' - 'Best Indie Feature' - 'Best Visual Effects'

Festigious International Film Awards Sep. Edition 2019 

Winner, 'Best Indie Filmmaker' - 'Best Sound Design' - 'Inspiring Woman in a Film'

Festigious International Film Awards Aug. Edition 2019

Winner, 'Best Indie Feature' - 'Best First Time Director, Feature' - 'Best Visual Effects'

FilmCon Awards - September Edition 2019

Winner, 'Best Indie Feature' - 'Best Indie Filmmaker' - 'Best Inspirational Film'

Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) August Edition 2019 - Winner, 'Best Indie Feature'

Oniros Film Awards (Italy) July Edition 2019 - Winner 'Best War Film' Documentary,

 (Feature) - Honourable Mention 'Documentary Feature'

Accolade Global Film Awards August 2019 - Winner 'Award of Merit' Women Filmmakers

Hollywood Sun Awards (LA) July-August 2019 - Winner Best Documentary Feature

Latitude Film Awards (London) May 2019 - Winner 'Gold Award' Documentary Feature

TheIndieFest Film Awards (LA) May 2019 - Winner 'Award of Merit' Women Filmmakers

LA Edge Film Awards (LA) June 2019 Finalist  - Documentary Short (Runner-Up)

Florence Film Awards (Italy) June Edition 2019 - Finalist Feature Documentary


NOMINEE: FESTIGIOUS EVENT 2019 - 'Best Indie Feature' - 'Best First Time Director, Feature'

'Elena's War Dance' Trailer

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