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Elena's War Dance

A World War 2 survival story

Film Genre

War Documentary

Jennifer Treur

Elena's War Dance © 2019

Elena's War Dance


5year old Elena and her mother go 'on the run' escaping bombings, rape and shellfire during the invasion of Lithuania by Soviet armies in WW2. 

Caught between Soviet and German occupation they flee into forests and across borders to escape the certain death awaiting those affiliated to the line of the Russian tsars.


Elena's War Dance © Jennifer Treur, Writer/ Producer/ Director - Documentary Length (57min 56sec)

Archival footage, animations, reenactment and interviews with Elena as she explains her 'dance with war and death'.


Described by Los Angeles Film Reviewers as 'visually beautiful with great music.'


Latitude Film Awards May 2019 Winner 'Gold Award' - Documentary Feature  - London based Film Awards.

TheIndieFest May 2019 Winner 'Award of Merit' - Women Filmmakers - The judges wish to recognise the Award of Merit winners for notable artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

'Elena's War Dance' Trailer

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